Virtual Crowdsourced Fundraising!

Our 50-minute live call-a-thon raises 2-3x more money in less time. Let us show you how easy it is!

Raising Funds Is More Important Than Ever!

New Virtual Tools

Corona has presented many new challenges to the education environment. But there are tools out there that can help with virtual coaching and education. We can help you afford to purchase the things you need to ensure your student’s success!

Equipment and Uniforms

Many of our Fall activities (and the costs associated) have been put on hold. This means now more than ever we have the bandwidth to go after those new uniforms and equipment your students deserve. 

A Better 2021 Budget!

Now that expenses are low you have a chance to get ahead for the 2021 season! Imagine being able to build out your budget not based on what you hope to fundraise, but what you have in the bank. No more worrying about whether or not you can afford it, cause the money is already there!

We’ve Simplified the Process.

1. Set A Date


2. Build A Contact List

3. Do A Call-a-thon

4. Get Paid

Engage Your Community.

We believe that fundraising is about more than just collecting money from people. It’s about increasing the community’s investment in you while enhancing your program’s visibility. With our live event/online model, your students will be able to personally engage with your community and share your  group’s story. 

Get More Value!

Simple Fees

You will receive 80% or more of the total donations. We have incentives to increase your total earnings, but we will never add on any hidden fees or charges (we even cover the credit card fees!).

Expanded Reach

It doesn’t matter if potential donors are next door or in the next state, we make it easy for them to support your program. With phone calls, texts, emails and social media the sky is the limit!


After your students have called, we follow up with emails on behalf of your students. Using the names of the donor, student, and organization, we create a higher level of donor engagement and rate of donation!


During the live event, our event coordinator motivates your students to increase their sense of ownership and drive donations. They get to see their hard work pay off in real time w/o having to sell cookie or coupons!

Our Commitment to You.


We Will:

  • Provide a safe, fun environment for your students to work together to raise money for your organization.
  • Make this as simple and as easy as we possibly can.

We Won't:

  • Share the contact information that you provide with anyone for any reason.
  • Have any hidden fees. Ever.

Start Now!

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